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Yellowfang is an old, dark gray she-cat with a broad, flat face, battle scars, long, ragged fur, and large orange eyes.


Mother: Unknown

Father: Unknown

Mate: Raggedstar

Son: Brokentail

Daughters: two unnamed she-kits

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She is ThunderClan's medicine cat for much of the duration of the original series. She was originally the medicine cat of ShadowClan, and formed a forbidden relationship with ShadowClan's leader, Raggedstar (as medicine cats are not supposed to have mates), which resulted in her giving birth to three kits. Two of these kits died, and the third, Brokentail, lived and eventually forced his way into becoming ShadowClan's leader by killing his father, Raggedstar. Yellowfang believed that the consequences of her actions weren't that her other two kits died, but that Brokenstar survived to take over ShadowClan. Yellowfang was exiled from the camp when Brokenstar, who had never known who his true mother was, blamed her for the death of two kits he had forced into training too early. Yellowfang was found by Firepaw, who took her back to camp as a prisoner. After Spottedleaf's death, Yellowfang succeeded her as ThunderClan's new medicine cat. Later Yellowfang feeds deathberries to Brokenstar, after his capture by ThunderClan, killing him.

Yellowfang displays a rough and irritable personality to most cats who encounter her, especially Cinderpelt and Firestar. She speaks the blunt truth rather often, refusing to soften her words, as she feels this would dilute the truth of the matter. Yellowfang has a close friendship with Firepaw beyond their initial meeting, during which the two attack each other. She is struck by Firepaw's potential and acts as a surrogate mother to him throughout his training. When Cinderpelt is injured and her chances of becoming a warrior forfeited, Yellowfang trains her as a medicine cat. Her personality clashes with that of Cinderpelt's, and the two often bicker playfully back and forth; Yellowfang greatly respects Cinderpelt as a result due to her courage to fire her words right back at her.

Yellowfang dies in the great fire that destroys much of ThunderClan's camp during the events of Rising Storm. Her last words are to Fireheart, telling him that he was the son she always wished she had.Yellowfang mentored Runningnose as a medicine cat in ShadowClan, who retained a great deal of respect for her despite her exile. She then mentored Cinderpelt in ThunderClan.

In the Power of Three series, Yellowfang is one of the first StarClan cats to realize Jaypaw's ability to transcend dreams. She attempts to stop him from abusing his power, but Jaypaw stubbornly refuses. She also argues with Bluestar and other members of StarClan regarding the prophecy concerning Jaypaw and his siblings, saying that the cats of StarClan are intentionally deceiving the three for an as yet undisclosed reason, however most likely referring to the fact that Leafpool is their mother. She also gave the crow's feather to Jayfeather in Sunrise to figure out who his father was.

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