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Whitewing is a pure white she-cat, with long fur and blue eyes.


Mother- Brightheart

Father- Cloudtail

Daughters- Dovewing, Ivypool

Mate- Birchfall


Whitewing is a pretty white she-cat with green eyes. She is first introduced as a kit, Whitekit, in the epilogue of Firestar's Quest, and as an apprentice, Whitepaw, throughout the New Prophecy series. She is the only daughter of Cloudtail and Brightheart. In between Sunset and The Sight, she becomes a warrior, Whitewing. She was appointed much later than she could have been because she herself had wanted to remain behind so Birchpaw (later Birchfall) would not be the only apprentice. This is later confirmed when Birchfall complains about her getting an apprentice, with Sandstorm reminding him that Whitewing requested to stay an apprentice. She was mentored by her uncle Brackenfur and received her first apprentice, Icepaw, in Outcast. It is confirmed by the end of Long Shadows that she is carrying Birchfall's kits, so therefore her status is now a queen. In Sunrise she gave birth to two kits, Dovewing and Ivypool, of which Dovewing will become the last cat in the prophecy of the Power of Three. Whitewing's also granddaughter to Princess (Cloudtail's mother) and Frostfur (Brightheart's mother), great-niece to Firestar (Princess' brother), Brindleface (Frostfur's sister), Longtail, Dustpelt and Ravenpaw (Frostfur's brothers), great-granddaughter to Fuzzypelt and Robinwing (Frostfur's parents), half-great-niece to Scourge, Ruby and Socks (Princess' half-siblings), niece to Cinderpelt, Thornclaw and Brackenfur (Brightheart's siblings), cousin to Honeyfern, Molepaw, Poppyfrost and Cinderheart (Brackenfur's kits) and kin to Leafpool, Squirrelflight (Firestar's daughters), Jayfeather, Lionblaze, Hollyleaf (Leafpool's kits), Sandstorm, Ferncloud and Ashfur (Brindleface's kits), Spiderleg, Shrewpaw, Hollykit, Larchkit, Birchfall, Icecloud and Foxleap (Ferncloud's kits) and Toadstep and Rosepetal (Spiderleg's kits).

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