Warriors are the heart and soul of a clan. They do everything, from training young cats, to hunting and patrolling. Warriors can also change their path, and follow the mysterious path of healing. Warrior sleep in their own den, commonly known as the warrior den. They are also in charge of fighting for their clan, even with their life, as stated in the Warrior Code. Warriors that follow the code and live a loyal life go to StarClan when they pass away. Those, however, that break the code in horrid ways, go to The Place Of No Stars, also known as The Dark Forest.

Warrior can also become the deputy of their clan, if StarClan and the current leader approve of them.

Apprentices are given their warrior name once their mentor approve. Their name usually consists of their first prefix, with a suffix the leader chooses. The name usually suits their personality. For example, a warrior with a kind heart that cares for every cat will get a peaceful suffix, such as -heart or -storm. Those with a thirst for battle will receive a rather rougher name, such as -claw or -thorn.

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