The Tribe Of Shimmering LightEdit

Healer- Light Watcher- silver cat with white stripes. Roleplayed by Purplemoon51012

Prey-Hunters- Fern that Grows on Cliffside (Fern)- Ginger she-cat with a white chest and paws and light green eyes. Roleplayed by Cheshire

Song of Autumn Leaf (Song): elegant, brown, dappled she-cat with forest green eyes. Roleplayed by: Leaffy!


Star in Night Sky (Star) - Beautiful, muscular, black and white she cat with blue eyes. Roleplayed by Stoneclaw


Snow The Hides Grass (Snow)- white she-cat with silver patches and one brown eyes and one blue eye. Prey-Hunter To-be. Roleplayed by Fallowpounce

Flame of Blazing Sun (Flame)- black and rusty she-cat with a bobbed tail and ocean blue eyes. Cave-Guard To-be. Roleplayed by Darktail432

Bird that Sings at Dawn (Dawn)- black she-cat with dark green eyes. Prey-Hunter To-be. Roleplayed by Blue/FirestarGoesMeow

Wildflower that Grows in Cracks (Wildflower)- sleek grey she-cat with amber eyes. Prey-Hunter To-be. (open for Roleplay).

Ice that Drips on Rocks (Ice) - grey tom with sky ble eyes and a stumpy tail. Cave-Guard To-be.(open for Roleplay)

Kit-Mothers- N/A

Elders- (Inactive Roleplayers) N/A

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