There aren't only four clans. Up in the mountains, far beyond the forest clan cat's territory, lies 2 other groups of cats. None of the four forest clans know about them, but they are there. They always have been. They are the Tribes.

Tribe of Shimmering LightEdit

In the Tribe of Shimmering Light, they live in the valley between the two great mountain peaks. There usually isn't much snow there, but there is very little undergrowth. They have very thick pelts, with two layers of fluffy fur. They manly hunt large birds, such as pheasants and unexpected hawks.

Tride of Endless ClimbingEdit

The Tribe of Endless Climbing lives high on the northern mountain. There are a lot of streams in their territory, which are drains from the Sky Blue Lake. They mainly hunt fish. Their camp is in a cave. They don't have thick pelts, so they roll in mud to keep the cold out.

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