The Lake ClansEdit

Adding to The Forest Clans, we have four other clans here on our wikia! Their the Lake clans! They live far, far away from the Forest Clans, near a lake in a valley between 4 mountains! Since the two groups of clans developed separately, separate cultures developed.


Duskclan is one of the most peaceful clans at the lake. They have a mix of Riverclan and Shadowclan characteristics! On their Riverclan side they have developed an art for hunting fish and swimming in open water. From their Shadowclan side they have expert fighters and skilled night-eyes.


Lightclan is one of the more adaptable clans at the lake! They live on a cliff The cliff drops off at the deepest part of the lake, almost like a waterfall without the water. On their Duskclan boarder it is a rocky cliff, nearly impossible for a non-skilled cat to climb.


Stormclan is also one of the clan at the lake! They are fierce, battle-hungry cats, yet they have a problem with falling for cats in different clans. Their territory is mainly swamp-land, and they also have hills and valleys in their territory too. They have thick fur, and webbed-toes.


Dawnclan is the last clan at the lake, but certainly not the least interesting of them! They came to the lake after the other clans grew! They are still rather new, but they have made their own ways of hunting and battling known. They have long, muscular legs, great for jumping into tree to catch squirrel and birds in flight, and they have strong pads since they are always jumping from trees!