Ivypool's POV

Brokenstar snarled as Ivypool lunged at him, trying to pin him down. But he slithered free, and ran at her. Eyes wild, he raked his claws across her pelt as he lunged past her.

"A blind kit can do better than you!" Brokenstar sneered, his amber eyes glittereing.

Ivypool drew her lips back in a snarl and lunged at him again, this time clinging on and digging her claws into his dull pelt. She bit his ear and he yowled with outrage.

Brokenstar dropped to his belly and rolled over, squashing Ivypool under him. His rank scent choking Ivypool, but she wouldn't let go.

Brokenstar finally flung her off, and sent her crashing.

"I thought you could do better than that, Ivypaw'. " He growled, padding around her in a circle.

"But clearly, you still need some more training to do. If you want to take part in the great battle, you should be able to defeat me!" Brokenstar snarled, his eyes narrowing.

"It's Ivypool!" she spat out the last syllable of her name.

"I'm a warrior now! And I can defeat you!" Ivypool meowed stubbornly, sheathing and unsheathing her claws.

Brokenstar hissed threateningly, "You're not a warrior in the Dark Forest yet, here you are still a stupid puny little apprentice."

Ivypool glared at him, huffing contemptuously.

"Next time we battle I expect you to be able to conquer me…"

Brokenstar's deep menacing meow trailed off as Ivypool fell with weariness, and soon, she was asleep.

Dovewing's POV

Dovewing woke to see Bumblestripe, poking her gently, his muscular shadow, looming over.

"Dawn patrol with. Brambleclaw and Foxleap." He whispered.

Dovewing moaned, feeling groggy with sleep, and stumbled to her paws, almost tripping over her mother, Whitewing on the way out.

Bumblestripe chuckled making his way towards the patrol, with Dovewing stifling a yawn and trailing behind.

"Are you okay?" Bumblestripe asked anxiously, his blue eyes wide with worry.

"Yeah, I'm fine; I just didn't get all that much sleep last night." She replied, stifling another yawn.

"Here, you can lean on my shoulder if you like" He offered, nudging her flank with his nose.

"No thanks, I think I can manage." She said, subconsiously leanning against him.

"Okay." Bumblestripe muttered, looking doubtful as they left the camp.

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