The Forest ClansEdit

These are the roleplay forest clans! They live far away from the other clans.


Swiftclan is a sleek, long-limbed clan that lives North of The Great Pine. Their territory is filled with young forests, with long stretches of moore land. This clan needs roleplayers! If you think you are swift enough to join this clan just add them in, make his or her page, and start roleplaying!


Cloverclan is a clan filled with spunky, battle-ready cats that live across the river from Mistclan. They live in a dense forest, with lots of small streams and pools scattered within their territory. They usually don't look for fights, but they are always prepared for an attack. So if you want to roleplay in this clan, just add them to the allegiances, make his or her page, and start roleplaying!


Mistclan is a well-fed clan filled with swimmers! They love water! They live beyond the river, with lots of swamp and brookes in their territory. They have thick water-proof pelts, and long strong tails to help them steer while in the water. If you want to join this clan, make your cat, add 'em in, and start roleplaying!


Gustclan is a battle-ready, feirce clan, that is always seeking an oppertonity to battle. They live South of the Great Pine, and live in a thick pine forest. They are always hunted by badgers and foxes, which is why they are so battle-ready. So, if you think your feirce enough to join this blood-thirsty clan, just add your cat in, make a page, and start roleplaying!

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