Past TerritoryEdit

Before the Clan cats moved to the lake territories they lived in a small forest beside a Twolegplace. The map below was used through books "Into the Wild - Dawn". It was explained and in front of every book had a small picture of the map. Below is the first map all the Clan's lived at.

File:Warriors Forest Map.jpg

Barley's Farm: Barley's Farm is a small farm that Barley and Ravenpaw live in. It is plentiful with prey, and a resting place for traveling cats.

WindClan Camp: WindClan Camp is a small area of land on a plain that WindClan owns for their camp.

Mothermouth: A place Clan cats go to before they become warriors, medicine cats, or leaders.


Fourtrees: A meeting place where all four Clans meet in peace.

RiverClan Camp: Wet land with river running through it. This land belongs to RiverClan for it's camp.

Sunningrocks: A small patch of rocks in sunlight that ThunderClan and RiverClan fought over. This place can be good for hunting.

Owl Tree: Large tree that owl's like to live in.

Sandy Hollow:

ThunderClan Camp: A large clearing in the forest that belongs to ThunderClan to keep it's dens.



Treecut Place:

Twolegplace: Area poulated with lots of twolegs.

ShadowClan Camp: Soggy land with lots of pine trees. ShadowClan owns this region for it's camp and hunting grounds.

Carrionplace: Place full of rats, just outside of ShadowClan's territory.

Recent TerritoryEdit

Once the cats moved territores, they moved to the Lake area. They went past the Sun-drown Place and kept going to follow the prophecy, and finally found...The Lake. The Lake Territories have been used in books "Starlight - Most Recent Book".

File:Warriors Lake Map.jpg

lsland: Place where cats from all four Clans meet in peace. (Like Fourtrees)

Moonpool: Place where Clan cats can meet before they turn into warriors, leaders, or medicine cats. (Like Mothermouth)

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