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Swiftpaw is a small, long-limbed, sleek black and white tom


Mother- Goldenflower

Father- Unknown

Half-Siblings- Brambleclaw, Tawnypelt


Swiftpaw was apprenticed to Longtail. He seemed to get a bit of Longtail's mocking, sarcastic tone and personality. He was a skilled older apprentice, he should have been made a warrior long before he never did. But with Bluestar's constant suspusions of the clan being full of traitors, she refused to make any of the apprentices, except for Cloudpaw, warriors. This angered him and so he and Brightpaw decided that they should do something so important Bluestar couldn't ignore them being made into warriors. This was around the time when the dog pack was loose in the forest. He and Brightpaw set out to hunt down the whatever was stealing the prey from sunning rocks, which they highly underestimated. They were later found, Swiftpaw was dead and torn to shreds by the dog pack and Brightpaw was barely alive with terrible injures.

But later he is seen in Starclan during Firestar's leader ceremony, giving Firestar his 6th life. Which was of mentoring, he was not angry when seen in Starclan but at peace with his fellow warriors.

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