Snow That Hides Grass (Snow)Edit

Snow is a silver she-cat with one white paw, one green eye and one blue eye, scars on her back and shoulders from an eagle attack. She is a Prey-Hunter To-be in the Tribe Of Shimmering Light.


Father- Stone Seeker

Mother- Flower that dances in wind

Roleplayed By PounceyEdit


Snow was born to Flower that dances in wind (Flower) and Stone Seeker. Although she was born in the Tribe Of Endless Climbing, her mother took her to their current tribe. Her long, muscular legs made her categorize under for the prey-hunters, and she is currently training to be one. One day while she was hunting alone, a huge eagle attacked her, raking it's claws down her back. Luckily, Feather was nearby, and heard. He came to help and saved her.

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