I was sharing a mouse with my littermate, Nightkit, when terror struck. A swarm of eagles flew down towards camp. Nightkit's black and red pelt bristled and her green eyes widened in pure horror. Our mother, Hawktail grabbed us in her jaws.

Chapter one; Mountainkit

I woke up to the sound of my brother's voice. "Wake up, Mountainkit! Wake up!" he meowed right in my ear.

Nightkit had a black pelt with red fur in many different spots. I have silver fur with light blue marks on the tips of my ears and tail with purple eyes. "What?" I groaned and rolled over. "Play with me!" he mewed. He was two moons older than me.

I rolled my eyes. "Go play with Lifekit or something." I mewed. He shrugged and padded away towards Waterkit. I got up and padded over to my best friend, Dragonkit.

"Hey, Mountainkit." Dragonkit yawned. "Hey." I mewed back. "I had a weird dream last night, wanna hear it?" Dragonkit whispered. "Sure... Hawktail, can me and Dragonkit go outside?" I called over to Hawktail. She nodded. Dragonkit and I padded out of the nursery.

"It was about eagles..." Dragonkit whispered.

Chapter two; Redclaw

I woke up in the warriors' den next to my mate, Shimmeringfur. I immediately knew something wasn't right. The air felt murky. I walked outside. It was still dark out, and the dawn-patrol was leaving. Even if it was dark, I could still tell there was a bad storm about to release a burst of rain.

I felt a pang of pity for the dawn-patrol. Which I think was Foxgrowl, One-ear, Flickerpaw and Burstlight. They padded off into the forest and I stood alone. My stomach growled. I padded to the fresh-kill pile to see if there were any leftovers from yesterday.

The prey had been running well these last about two moons. There was a mouse and a vole. I picked up the mouse and sat at the entrance of the warriors' den. I looked around and saw Mountainkit and Dragonkit right outside the nursery. Mountainkit's purple gaze and Dragonkit's green gaze were both fixed on me. I padded over to them. "You kits should go inside, I can sense there's a storm coming." I whispered. The two kits nodded and padded back inside.

(To be continued)

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