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Shadepebble is a beautiful silver and black marble tabby she-cat with stunning silvery blue eyes and a small pink nose with a nick in her left ear.


Mother- Unnamed She-cat

Sister- Bluestream (Deceased)


Mentor- Nettlescar


As kits, Shadey and Blue were abandoned with their weak mother by their twolegs. Their mother was to weak to hunt, so she soon passed away. Blue and Shadey would have died if it wasn't for a Gustclan patrol to come along and find them. Hailstar said they could stay and train as warriors, but they could never know where they came from. In a battle with Mistclan, Bluestream was viciously attacked by their former medicine cat Clawstone, and was killed. Shadepebble was utterly horrified, and nearly ran away from the clans. Now Shadepebble lives content in her clan, still unaware of her past.

Roleplayed by FallowEdit

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