These are the rules of this wiki. Every user is expected to follow them, and if not you will be banned.

  1. No harassing other users in the chat room. This includes bothering them after they told you to stop, and saying things they do not like. (ex. Personal attacks, insults, racism etc. We will not tolerate any of that nasty stuff.)
  2. No ruining anyone elses work. We work hard on this wiki! If you delete someone elses work without reason or permission you will be banned.
  3. No back-talk to any chat mods/admins. The word of the "admin/chat mod" is the law. I know this may seem odd to some, but no back-talk to admins. What they say goes without question.
  4. Please do not share any personal information such as phone number, house address, ect. This is really for your own saftey.
  5. No spamming in the chat.
  6. Do not countinuingly post links in the chat.
  7. Do NOT advertise any wiki or website here. If you do you will be banned for a week.
  8. If you are NOT EDITING on this wiki for more then 2 months you will be kickbanned from the chat and put on the elders list until you have at least 20 more edits.
  9. No more then one personal image per user. If you wish to change your picture you must overwrite it with the same name. Also, no NON-WIKI images, meaning no random pictures of penguins, WW images, ect. These images will be deleted immediately.
  10. Always follow the Role Play Rules.

For each of these you will only get 2 warnings, and on the third time you will either be kickbanned from the chat or banned from this wiki. If you wish to have rules added, or questions, please post a comment.

Thank you.

Staff - Fallowpounce, Stoneclaw, Leopard, Leafwing, Spottedleaf, and DreamPetal

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