Author: Spottedleaf123 Written On: November 12, 2011

"Rogues have invaded the camp! Pebble, run! Take Fern with you!" I yelled towards my mate and daughter, Fern. I loved her dearly, and she completed my life. A day without her was like a day with out sunshine to me. They both ran off into the distance.

Just then a large black cat jumped on me, eager for battle. I unsheathed my claws and struck with three blows to the muzzle. Soon after he pinned me to the ground. Now it was his turn to attack. Somehow I shifted my weight, me now being the one pinning him down. Claws raked down my back. I screeched in pain, letting my first attacker get out from under me. My ears and muzzle were bleeding badly and my legs were hurt badly. I played dead, for if I was found alive, I would be dead on the spot for sure. A few minutes passed and I opened my eyes, seeing that the rogues were now crowding the cliffside, attempting to climb but failing miserably each time.

Now was my chance. I got up, shaking a little. I dashed towards the cliffside, several rogues spotting me and chasing behind. An overwhelming courage spread across me. It was as if the rogues had disappeared from my mind and I was floating in air. It took my a moment to realize I was falling down the cliffside. I landed on the rock, hearing a crunch. It must've been my ribs shattering. I had to persevere, for I would rather die with my mate then to be fed to some vicious rogues.

From rock to rock I climbed, pain spreading through out my body. I somehow made it to the top, victory flooding through me for a moment. Tehn I saw Pebble. My heart leaped and I dashed toward her. I nearly tripped, but I didn't (luckily). She saw me, and it felt as though we had never been apart.

"Pebble, I need your help." I whispered. I felt weak all of a sudden, and I could not pinpoint why. Then it hit me: I was dying. I needed Pebble to know how I felt, and why Fern needed to know the reasons that she is here.

"Anything for you. What is it you need?" she replied.

"Take care of Fern for me. Tell her how we met and how we shared an eternal love. She needs to learn how to love and be a good Prey-Hunter, just like you and me."

Then I lay down, my world going black.

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