Mistclan is a roleplay clan filled with swimmers! These clans cats love the water! They sure need to, since the Gathering spot is across the river! Unlike Gustclan, who has the Crossing Rocks, they need to swim across open water every full moon.

To roleplay in Mistclan, go here. Remember to follow the roleplay rules!


Leader: Ravenstar- a cat with an unknown description and gender. Roleplayed by Leopard

Deputy: Silverfall - silver tabby she-cat with a white belly, and dark blue eyes. Roleplayed by Stone

Medicine Cat: Jumpbreeze- black tom with silver spotted tabby stripes with stripped and spotted legs and a white under belly with ice-blue eyes. Roleplayed By Pouncey


Frostwing- a beautiful, white she-cat with blue-gray snowflake-like specks on her pelt, and blue eyes. Roleplayed by Leaffy!

Peacewish - A small she-cat with black fur with dappled gray and purple eyes. Roleplayed by Shyheart

Moonfrost - silver she-cat with a white belly and pale blue eyes. Roleplayed by Ripplewave

Clawear- Giant black and white tabby tom with green eyes Roleplayed by Bluestar and FirestarGoesMeow

Featherpaw- White and silver She-cat with green eyes. Roleplayed by Agent P rocks2272




Elders (Inactive Roleplayers)


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