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Welcome To Lost In The Warriors World Wikia

Founder- Pounceh

Deputy- Leopardpath

Senior Warriors- N/A

Warriors- Leafwing,Swallowfeather, Stoneclaw, Twee

Apprentices- Spottedstar, Hawkstar, Otter, BluestarTehAweshumLeader, Purplemoon, Fallenstars, Dreampetal, Mason, Spottedpelt, Ches, Ripplewave, & Shyheart

Elders- (Inactive Members)

Falling Rain, Drakizora, Jayfeather

Rank Requirements:

  • To become an apprentice you must leave a message on user talk, and you must be active!
  • To become a warrior, you must have been on this wiki for at least a month and have a contributive edit count of at least 200.
  • To be a Senior Warrior you must have been on here for at least 3 month and have an edit count of 400.
Deputies will be chosen by the current leader, and must be active! Also,

Admins, rollbackers, chat mods, ect, are all grouped in with the normal users. Some of them are ranked as warriors at the moment because I know them as rule followers and good editors.

Thank you,

~Founder PounceyMy Talk!
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