Members As Cats!Edit

This is a fun little group, where registered users see themselves as warriors! Everyone must use their username, unless you really don't want to, which is fine. :) These aren't roleplay cats, they're just for fun! Also, you can make a charart for your own cat, and post it for approval on the new MAC Approval!

Post your rank on this wiki, (staff-wise and member's-wise) and your cat name and description!

Our ClanEdit

~Fallowpounce: white she-cat with silvery stripes and milky ice-blue eyes, with a nick in her left ear and a scar above her nose.

~Leopardpath: Tan she-cat with leopard-like markings and green-blue eyes. She has a stubby tail from a battle, and a scar across her flank from another battle.

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