Project: CharartEdit

Welcome to Project:Charart! Since this wiki is very new, we need members and lineart! So, if you have a lineart that currently isn't being used on any wikis, feel free to post it on the talk page until we get this thing up and running!

Project:Charart Team

Leader~ Fallow

Deputy~ Stoneclaw

Sn. Warriors~ N/A

Warriors~ Leopardpath

Apprentices~ Acornflight, Leafwing, Fallenstars, Purplemoon, Spottedleaf, Twilightheart, Leafstar

Elders~ (inactive apprentices and warriors) N/A

Leave a message on the talk to join. All new members will become an apprentice (Unless i know them as a great charart maker). To become a warrior an apprentice must have been on here for 2 months, and have at least 5 chararts APPROVED. To become a Sn. Warrior, you must have been here for 5 months, and have at least 15 chararts APPROVED.

Apprentices should check out the new Charart Tutorial! It's still a work in progress, but it can be helpful to some users!

Thank you,

Leader Pouncey

Current ProjectsEdit

This is a list of our current chararts. The max for each user is 4 chararts at once. You can only have an image claimed for 3 weeks, if it is not posted within the first week it will be taken off your list. Also, no user should post any cat for approval that they have not claimed.

Fallowpounce Cinderheart (W) Blossomfall (W) Jumpbreeze (MC) Sorreltail (W)
Stoneclaw Nettlescar (W) Star in Night Sky (CG) N/A N/A
Leopardpath Specklestar (L) Snowstripe (W) Dreamrose (W) Heathersplash (W) etc.
Spottedleaf Rainshine (W) Fern Forestpaw N/A
Twilightheart N/A N/A N/A N/A
Leafwing Pinestar(L) Whitestorm (D) Thunder (L) Thrushpelt (D)
Fallenstars N/A N/A N/A N/A
Purplemoon Yellowfang (MC) Rushpaw (A) N/A N/A


NOTE: We are getting new linearts for almost every rank. Please only post these for approval. Others will be declined. IF THE LINE ARTS YOU NEED ARE NOT POSTED HERE, THAT MEANS WE ARE GETTING NEW LINES FOR THAT RANK, SO DO NOT USE THE LEADER LINEARTS!

NOTE: Please post you Chararts For Approval here.

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