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Longtail is a light tabby tom, with darker stripes, and pale green sightless eyes and a nicked ear.




Longtail, a pale tabby tom with black stripes, is a recurring ThunderClan warrior introduced in Into the Wild. He is the first to challenge Firestar due to his kittypet origins, and fights him when he first arrives in the Clan. This results in Firestar's collar being ripped off, which is then taken as a sign that he will be accepted into the Clan. Longtail's ear is torn, resulting in a scar. Longtail maintains a grudge against Firestar for much of the series, not only because an apprentice defeated him and gave him his scar, but also because he was a strong supporter of Tigerclaw, Firestar's chief rival.

Longtail's attitude slowly matures over the course of the series, and he develops an eventual respect for Firestar as a result of his repeatedly demonstrated courage, something Longtail lacks. He revokes his allegiance with Tigerclaw after his exile, and sets himself toward becoming a respected warrior within the Clan. His loyalty is further proven when he volunteers to be bait for Tigerstar's vicious dog pack. While he still resents Firestar to some degree, he realizes his Clan's safety is far more important and warns him of his cousin Tigerstar's dark schemes from across the border as well as his cousin Darkstripe's misplaced loyalty during Rising Storm and A Dangerous Path. Longtail eventually fights alongside Firestar against BloodClan during the events of The Darkest Hour, having finally found his true place within the Clan as well as Firestar's respect.

Almost ironically, Longtail is blinded shortly thereafter by a rabbit's claws in Firestar's Quest. He remains in the Clan as an elder throughout The New Prophecy and Power of Three series, despite being only slightly older than Firestar. He was mentored by Darkstripe and he has mentored Swiftpaw, his niece Ferncloud and his cousin Sootfur (before he was blinded). He also taught his great-great-nephew Jaypaw how to utilize his other senses without sight. He was killed by a falling tree in Fading Echoes while trying to retrieve a piece of fresh-kill for Mousefur. Longtail was the oldest tom and second oldest cat in ThunderClan. His parents were Patchpelt and Robinwing.

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