Gustclan is a fierce, battle-hungry roleplay Clan. They love the taste of blood. They live in thick pine forest, with many fox and badger dens in their territory. They live across the river from Swiftclan, and North of Mistclan. They have no borders with Cloverclan, so they are not a bother.

To roleplay in Gustclan, go here. Make sure to follow the roleplay rules!


Leader- Miststar- Black she-cat with a torn up ear and a white tipped tail with purple eyes. Roleplayed by Pouncey

Deputy- Dawnwing- cream-colored tabby she-cat with white underbelly and green eyes. Rpd by: Leaffy!

Medicine Cat- Shiverburn- pale tabby she-cat with black stripes. Roleplayed by Pounceh


Nettlescar- dark brown tabby she cat with a lighter belly, ice blue eyes, her left eye blind, with a scar on it, and a long scar starting at her shoulder and slinking down to her underbelly. Roleplayed by Stoneclaw

Riverfoot- Roleplayed by: Regi!

Shadepebble- beautiful black and silver marbled tabby she-cat with stunning silvey blue eyes. Roleplayed By Pounceh


Viperpaw- a dark brown tabby she-cat with torn ears, battle scars, a white underbelly, and dark blue eyes. - Roleplayed by .Skystar.

Pinepaw- Brown tabby tom with dark ginger stripes. One eye is brown and the other is green. - Roleplayed by Bluestar



Elders (Inactive Roleplayers):

Milkfrost- cream she-cat with blue eyes Roleplayed by Twilightheart

Cometdash- tortoiseshell with ginger patches on legs and tail tom. Rpd by Mason jarius

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