Fern is an auburn she-cat with a black tail tip and icy blue eyes. She is a Prey-Hunter in The Tribe of Shimmering Light, but was born in The Tribe of Endless Climbing. She was carried there by her mother, after her father had passed.


Mother: Pebble that Splashes in Water (Deceased)

Father: Eagle that Hunts Prey (Deceased)

Daughters: Bird that Sings at Dawn (Dawn), WildFlower that Grows in Cracks (Wildflower)

Sons: Ice that Drips on Rocks (Ice)

Mate: Water that Falls on Rocks (Water)

More HistoryEdit

If you want to know more about Fern, please read My Mate's Death: Pebble's Story and My Battle With The Rogues: Eagle's Story. Thanks for reading!

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