Cloverclan is a roleplay clan filled with spunky, battle ready cats, that know how to hunt! They are specialized in hunting, and live in a dense forest, similar to ThunderClans'. They have lots of small streams, brooks, waterfalls, and pools scattered within their territory that branch off from the river border. There is also a lot of sand in their territory. They only share borders with Mistclan and Swiftclan, since Gustclan is across the river from Swiftclan. So they usually don't have much trouble from Gustclan.

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Leader: Petalstar- tortishell she-cat with red and white petal shaped markings. Roleplayed by Pouncey

Deputy: Cloverleaf- light gray tabby she-cat with clover green eyes. Roleplayed by Darktail

Medicine Cat: Meadowsky- Light brown she-cat with amber eyes. Roleplayed by Spotty


Fireflower- a fierce long legged she-cat with dark blue eyes and a fire flamed cat. Roleplayed by Dreampetal

Coralbreeze- a pretty, blue-gray she-cat with aqua colored eyes and white underbelly. Rpd by: Leaffy

Shadowstrike- Clumsy yellow tabby she-cat with thick black stripes and green eyes. Roleplayed by Bluestar/FirestarGoesMeow

Goldenblaze- pretty golden spotted tabby she-cat with a shimmering pelt and milky green eyes. Roleplayed by Pouncey


Bluepaw- blue gray she-cat with black spots. Roleplayed by Drakizora

Rushpaw- beautiful silver-n-tortishell she-cat with silvery blue eyes and a strikingly pink nose. Roleplayed by Pouncey


Leafear- A brown she-cat with a white chest and paw and one torn ear. Rpd by:Spottedleaf123



Elders (Inactive Roleplayers):


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