Leaders the clan cats, that have been selected by Starclan to receive nine lives and take control of their clan. Their nine lives are usually given to them by cats that they once knew that passed away to Starclan. The nine lives are given to them at one of the Starclan greeting point. For the Warriors, Moonstone or Moonpool. For the roleplay clans it's Shimmer Pool. Leaders take charge of their entire clan, with the help of a deputy.


Deputies are second in command of their clan. They take charge of every patrol. Only warriors that have trained at least one apprentice can be deputy. This is to make sure the cat is comfortably with giving orders to other cats. The deputy of the clan takes over when the leader passes away.

Medicine CatsEdit

Medicine cats are the healers of the clan. They take the role of healing their ill clanmates,and interperting signs from Starclan.


Warriors are the foundation of the clan. They hunt and fight for the clan. They take up the role of mentoring, and can become deputy. They usually die for their clan, and are excepted into Starclan for it.


Queens are the kit-mothers of the clans. They are she-cat warriors nursing or excepting kits. Every queen in the clan shares the caring for every kit. Most of the time excepting she-cat move to the nursery 1 moon before they are excpecting their kits.


Apprentices are kits of more than 6 moons of age or more, training to become warriors. Occasionally, a kit would prefer to follow the path of healing and become a medicine cat apprentice. They do not sleep with the other apprentices, nor do they get their full clan name like the others. They sleep in their own den with their mentor, and they get their full name at Shimmer Pool.


Elders are senior warriors, that have either developed some kind of illness, or have grown to old to carry out their warrior tasks. Elders are one of the most respected cats in the clan, for lasting long enough to have many moons of rest. Apprentices usually clean their bedding and bring them freshkill every day.

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