Age of apprentices: At least 6 moons

Where apprentices sleep: Apprentices’ Den

What apprentices do: Responsible for most chores around camp, such as tending to the elders; train for battle with their mentors; participate in battles; hunt for the Clan

What it’s like to be an apprentice Edit

( Based on the Warriors App) Birchpaw Speaks: A New Apprentice

I can’t believe I’m finally an apprentice. I’ve been dreaming of this for moons! It’s true my mother, Ferncloud, wouldn’t have minded keeping me in the nursery a while longer. She still licks me as if I were a tiny kit sometimes. But I know she misses Larchkit and Hollykit, who died when the forest ran out of prey, and she worries about me, so I let her.

I’m lucky to have Ashfur as my mentor. He’s smart and patient and lets me practice everything instead of just showing me how to do it.

I love hunting patrols the best. We can’t eat anything until we’ve brought back enough food for the elders, but it’s so exciting to jump on a mouse, or chase a squirrel, or sneak up on a starling. I’ve heard stories about apprentices who ate while they were supposed to be hunting and how much trouble they got in. That’s not going to happen to me!

I can’t wait for my first Gathering, when we are allowed to talk in peace with cats from other Clans. I hope to see Toadkit, Marshkit, and Applekit there. They’re ShadowClan cats, but we became friends on the journey from the forest. Maybe I’ll tell them that the thrush I nearly caught was actually an eagle. They’d be so impressed!

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